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If you are here you have probably lost your dog and need some advice. Below is an extensive checklist to help you get your dog back to you.

Search your property:

  • Under cars

  • Crawl Spaces

  • In out-buildings and sheds

  • In ditches and culverts

Search your house:

  • All rooms

  • Behind closed doors and closets

  • Behind and under furniture and appliances

  • In open ductwork

  • In cabinets

Search your neighborhood:

  • Ask neighbors for help and leave your phone number with them

  • Ask kids for information and help

  • Check along the roadways including the ditches

  • Use a spiral search pattern and go a bit further than your dog might go.

  • Use a familiar whistle or call.

  • Be safe! Go with a friend or family member.

Post flyers:

  • Give a complete description of your dog and include the time and place your dog was lost.

  • Use a picture if possible. It's best to have a recent picture handy for just such a possibility.

  • Post a reward but do not say how much. Rewards do not usually make a difference.

  • Do not put your name or address on the flyer. Just use your phone numbers. You want to avoid scam artists.

  • Post as many as flyers as you can.

  • Use high visibility colored paper and make your print readable from a distance.

  • Post your flyers at an appropriate readable height for the traffic at that location. If you post flyers on private property, such as stores, get permission.

  • Post an ad in the local papers

Phone calls to make:

  • Animal Control

  • Humane Society

  • Local Vets

  • DOT for reports of picked up animals

  • If you have contacts listed on call them to let them know the situation.

  • Follow up with visits

  • Find out about any rescue groups that might be at work in your area.

Attract your dog home:

  • If your dog has a crate put it out with some bedding or some of your worn clothing (for scent) in the crate. If your dog has gone missing away from home this may be the only place that he or she can find their way back to. Check the crate frequently.

  • If you do not have a crate put out some worn clothing for scent.

  • Putting out food and water may help but must be monitored frequently for other animals.

Internet Sources:

If you get a call:

  • Get a positive ID on your dog. Some people will try to get rewards without really having the dog.

  • Meet in a public place

  • If you posted a reward make sure that you give one.

After you have found your dog:

  • Take down your flyers

  • Let all of those know who were helping you including any authorities and vets.

  • Let your contacts know

  • Remove any Internet listings