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My Cousin and Pookie

My cousin and his wife was visiting for the weekend and brought their two dogs, Pookie and Sammy. My cousin and I went on an errand and left the dogs and his wife at my house. When we returned Pookie had wandered off and apparently gotten lost. "Pookie never goes far", my cousin had told me.

We called and searched for hours with my cousin canceling his plans to leave that afternoon and staying overnight to resume the search the next day. Pookie had a collar and an ID tag on with his previous owners phone number and a vet rabies tag. The previous owner had passed away and his phone voice mail was passworded. My cousin called the vet to find out that a person had called to report finding Pookie. Unfortunately the person who took the call had lost the slip of paper of the information that they took down from the caller.

By a strange chance of fate and some unusual requests the former owner's sister was able to go through the house and car of the former owner and found a wallet with a note inside which gave us the password of the voice mail. At the end of many messages there was a call from the people who found Pookie. They had found him out at the main road looking lost and confused.

All ended well but not without a great deal of strife.

Had a tag or collar been on Pookie the information would have been kept up to date simply by informing the change of information and having the page updated. Furthermore, even if all of the information had not been updated, there would have been alternate information to aid in reuniting Pookie with his owners. This story generated the first idea for

A Postponed Trip

I offered to transport some friend's dogs to a trainer while they were out of town. It was a long drive to my destination so I went over to the kennel early in the morning to load the dogs into the truck kennels. When I opened the kennel door and carefully reached in to catch the collar of one of the two dogs the other dog bolted through the kennel gate, throwing it into my head, and loosening my grip on the first dog. Both dogs took off.

For nearly six hours we rode the roads looking for the dogs to no avail. We found two people that had seen the dogs running, one had even gotten hold of one by their collar, but the dog slipped from his hands too. We had no pictures of the dogs to make posters. One had a collar with a cell phone number that had been discontinued and the other had a home number for an empty locked house. (Remember, they were out of town).

By a stroke of luck a brother-in-law came by the house, we were there, and he knew where a key was. We went into the house, listened to the messages, and heard one from someone who had corralled the dogs and had then tied up. It was after dark when we finally picked up the dogs. Our trip started the next morning.

If the dogs had tags or ID collars there would have been more than one phone number on the collars. Defunct phone numbers can easily be changed on our site without having to buy new collars. Since can have a picture of your dog it could have been used to print out lost dog posters.

No Agreement at Home

I was getting ready for a long extended trip to the prairies with my hunting dogs. In preparation I was planning to order all new collars with riveted ID tags. We were allowed 4 lines of text on each tag. I thought that we should put our name, address, and telephone number. My husband thought that we should put our address our telephone number and a cell phone number. Our friend thought that we should put our name, our phone numbers and his phone number. My trainer thought that since the dogs would be with him for a while that they should have Our phone numbers and his phone numbers. And since all of the phone numbers would be long distance calls it would be a good idea to also put his name on the tags.

After lots of discussion I was talking to a friend about our problem and he suggested I found that with just four lines on the tag I could give any would be finder a web address and ID number which would give all of the phone numbers and addresses of us, our friends, and our trainer, and their e-mail addresses. And for those people who do not have Internet access we put the 1-800 number for on the third line. Since we are planning to move in the near future we didn't have to worry about having to order all new collars when we moved to reflect a change of address and phone numbers.

Since I have eight dogs I just registered one number with and put the same collar information on all of the dogs. Now I am thinking about getting separate ID's for each of the dogs and putting their pictures on the site.

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